Please submit your application and all relevant documents such as project description, interim report and final report in German, French or English. An electronic translation (e.g. is sufficient. Thank you!

Information to be provided

The application should be submitted in one paper copy together with an electronic copy (PDF of the whole document) and must contain the following information:

  • Name and address of the institution of the Red Cross &Red Crescent Movement in charge of the project and of any external partners
  • Details of those in charge of the project
  • Exact description of the planned or proposed project (beneficiaries, activity, structural, scheduling and material composition, etc.)
  • Detailed overall budget showing the level of contribution to be made by the applicant, details of any other sources of funding and the amount of financial support requested from the SRC Humanitarian Foundation
  • Expected duration of the project with a timetable and appropriate intermediate objectives
  • Evaluation concept with criteria and specifications that can be used as a basis for measuring the success of the project after completion


Financial support is provided by the SRC Humanitarian Foundation in principle for a maximum of five years. Lump-sum credits are granted for projects lasting several years; in such cases an interim report must be submitted to the SRC Humanitarian Foundation at the end of each year. Continued financial support may be made dependent upon whether the intermediate objectives have been achieved.

After completion of a project, a final report must be submitted to the SRC Humanitarian Foundation. This will be used as a basis for evaluating success.

Applications for follow-on funding are possible, but are subject to the additional requirements of Article 9 of the award guidelines. The longer a project or an offer has been in existence, the stricter the standards to be set for proof that the offer is important for the achievement of the SRC's goals and the proof that no other funding can be found. As a rule, 'concrete evidence' (applications to other sponsors, discussions with authorities, etc.) is also required. At the same time, this type of application must also show prospects of how the withdrawal from Humanitarian Foundation funding could be implemented.