Applications for funding are assessed according to the following criteria:

Priorities 2021 - 2030

The SRC Humanitarian Foundation supports programmes and projects that contribute to fulfilling the SRC Strategy 2030 and the areas of activity, priorities, strategic objectives and goals its sets out.

Priority will be given to approaches that strengthen as many of the following organizational capacities as possible in accordance with the SRC Strategy 2030:

  1. Projects and activities that support vulnerable people and strengthen communities and their resilience or the National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies themselves. (Strategic objective 2 and Goal 4.2)

  2. Projects and activities that bring us closer to our target groups, make them easier to reach and improve their involvement in the way services are designed. (Strategic objective 2)

  3. Projects and activities that are run by the Red Cross organizations themselves or together with the SRC Headquarters or that reinforce cooperation and synergies as well as their relationship with the SRC. (Strategic objective 5)

  4. Projects and activities that provide new and topical opportunities for volunteers of all ages. (Goal 3.1)

  5. Projects and activities that contribute to the impact of the SRC's work. (Goal 2.4)

  6. Projects and activities to implement the digital agenda or improve our ability to innovate so that we are prepared for change in society, technology and the environment. (Strategic objective 3, Goals 3.3 and 5.3)

  7. Projects and activities that facilitate and improve the work of the SRC Headquarters or the Red Cross organizations for the target groups, with grassroots work, tools, etc. (Strategic objective 3)

  8. Projects and activities that can continue to be provided sustainably even once the SRC HF funding has stopped or that have a lasting effect on the target groups without follow-up funding from the foundation. (Strategic objective 2 and Goals 3.4 and 3.5)

Selection criteria

The following criteria are applied for selecting projects to be supported.

  • Major direct or indirect benefit for target groups
  • Harmonization, standardization and multiplication/replication of offers and services
  • Reinforced networking and collaboration and exploiting synergies within the SRC
  • Promoting innovation with the potential to extend it nationally
  • Increase in quality and sustainability


The applicant must provide evidence of any personnel, material, and/or financial contributions to the project from the applicant itself or from a third-party.