Approved projects

Use of funds / Reporting

Funds made available by the SRC Humanitarian Foundation must be used exclusively for the approved project (in accordance with the application).
Unused funds must be accounted for in the final accounts after completion of the project. Either they will not be accessed at all or will be returned to the Humanitarian Foundation. A request for a roll-over or to carry forward the unused funds must be made to the Applications Committee.

Delays in the project / Changes to the project
If the start or the implementation of the project is delayed in comparison with the schedule laid out in the application to the extent that the deadlines (payment of annual instalments, submission of reports) scheduled by the Humanitarian Foundation must be postponed, permission to change the project or to prolong it must be applied for. Changes to the content, schedule, methodology or financial planning of the project must be declared and justified. They will be assessed by the Humanitarian Foundation.

Interim and final reports should be submitted as one hard copy and one electronic copy.

In the case of projects lasting several years the project manager(s) must submit an interim report each year on the content and finances of the project. The content report and the finance report must refer to the same reporting period. The interim report should be submitted to the Humanitarian Foundation 6-8 weeks before the payment of the next instalment is due. An interim report must also be submitted even if on year no funds are required from the Humanitarian Foundation.

After completion of the project the Foundation expects to receive a final report on content and financial aspects. Similar to the interim reports, it should contain a review of the last reporting period. In addition, the following points should be addressed:
- Achievement of the project's overall objectives
- (Self)-evaluation in the light of the criteria given by the applicant in the
- Final accounts for the whole duration of the project with clear proof of how
  the Humanitarian Foundation funds were used.