Red Cross Council

The Red Cross Council, as the board of directors, is the highest strategic management body of the SRC.

The Red Cross Council is also the strategic body of the SRC Humanitarian Foundation. In this capacity, its responsibilities include:

  • electing the Foundation Council
  • issuing the Foundation's regulations and approving the award guidelines
  • establishing binding medium-term priorities derived from the SRC Strategy
  • establishing the amount of the fixed contribution to the Red Cross Council for the medium term. The fixed contribution to the Red Cross Council may not exceed 30% of the Foundation's gross revenue
  • approving the annual accounts, the annual report and the budget


  • Thomas Zeltner, president
  • Matteo Pedrazzini
  • Hans Jürg Steiner
  • Manuel Bessler
  • Filippo Bolla
  • Ursula Forrer
  • Ömer Güven
  • Elischa Link
  • Christian Ludwig
  • Marzio Medici
  • Hans Muff