Applications for funding are assessed according to the following criteria:

Priorities 2014 - 2020

The SRC Humanitarian Foundation funds projects and activities that support the SRC Strategy. As a strategic body of the Humanitarian Foundation, the Red Cross Council sets binding medium-term goals (Foundation regulations Article 9 par. 1e). The following priorities are directly derived from the strategic objectives of the SRC Strategy 2020 that relate to the core activities and core areas of expertise.

  1. Projects and activities in the core activity Health in Switzerland (strategic objective 3)
  2. Projects and activities in the core activity Social Integration in Switzerland (strategic objective 4)
  3. Projects and activities with volunteers in the core activity Search & Rescue (strategic objective 5)
  4. Projects and activities in the core activity Disaster Preparedness & Development Cooperation in the healthcare sector (strategic objective 6)
  5. Projects and activities in the informal training sector in the core activities Health, Social Integration, Search & Rescue (strategic objective 7)
  6. Projects and activities to promote and strengthen the core areas of expertise Voluntary Work and Youth Work. (strategic objective 9)

Selection criteria

The following criteria are applied for selecting projects to be supported.

  • Major direct or indirect benefit for target groups
  • Harmonization, standardization and multiplication/replication of offers and services
  • Reinforced networking and collaboration and exploiting synergies within the SRC
  • Promoting innovation with the potential to extend it nationally
  • Increase in quality and sustainability


The applicant must provide evidence of any personnel, material, and/or financial contributions to the project from the applicant itself or from a third-party.