Health Fund Lindenhof


The Bern Lindenhof Foundation (SLB) set up a dedicated Health Fund in 2011 with the purpose of providing funding for humanitarian projects and campaigns run by the SRC in the health sector and training for SRC staff.

The Lindenhof Health Fund supports projects in the following sectors:

  • SRC Outpatient Clinic for victims of torture and war in Bern
  • Health in Switzerland
  • Health abroad
  • Training
  • Projects initiated by the Red Cross Council

The following SRC organizations may apply to the Health Fund for financing:

  • Red Cross Council
  • Special commitee of the Red Cross Council
  • Red Cross rescue organizations –  Swiss Samaritans, SLRG/SSS, REDOG and SMSV/SSTS
  • SRC Headquarters

A three-person Fund Committee decides on the use of proceeds from the Health Fund. The Fund Committee comprises two people designated by the Red Cross Council (Ursula Forrer and Karolina Frischkopf) and one designated by the SLB Foundation Council (Berchtold von Fischer). The Fund Committee's decisions are final.
The SRC Humanitarian Foundation undertakes the administrative handling of applications on behalf of the Health Fund. Applications may only be submitted electronically.

Health Fund Lindenhof