In the context of medium-term priorities set by the Red Cross Council, the SRC Humanitarian Foundation primarily supports projects that make a contribution towards implementing the SRC’s strategy.

Existing projects are only supported if they cannot be financed from donations, contributions or the allocation of funds, yet are important for the SRC to achieve its objectives.

Financing is in principle not provided for maintaining existing infrastructures or for covering general operating costs or deficits.

The annual allocation of funds corresponds in principle to the anticipated annual direct net proceeds of the Humanitarian Foundation.

The term allocations is used for direct payments and/or provisions for approved funding.

These funding guidelines establish the conditions and criteria for allocating the Foundation’s funds.

The Foundation Board of the SRC Humanitarian Foundation decides  which applications to approve and its decision is final.

Applications and all relevant documents such as project description, interim report and final report must be submitted in German, French or English. An electronic translation (e.g. is sufficient.